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Relationship marketing is one of the world’s most popular business models. Why? Because it works! Relationship marketing relies on people selling to people. No corporate machine, no middle man. Just one real person having a conversation with another real person to solve an important problem.

As an independent EMG Agent, you are now a business owner. That’s right… you don’t work for EMG – you own your own EMG distributorship. You set your schedule, decide how many hours a week you want to work, and choose who to sell to or add to your team. From now on, you are the creator of your own financial destiny. (But don’t worry, we’ll be here to help.)

EMG is an ideal Relationship Marketing Company… especially for beginners. Here’s why:


  • Small upfront investment of $199 and only $99 per year to stay active.
  • No inventory to buy.
  • No monthly minimums.
  • 1 great product to sell.
  • Easy product delivery – no ordering, money handling, shipping, delivery, or returns. Everything is handled by the home office in Atlanta.
  • Commission is sent reliably week after week by the EMG home office. Direct deposit is also available for your convenience.

Other companies

  • $100’s or $1,000’s of distributor fees every year
  • Starter Product Kits can cost $1000’s
  • If you don’t sell your minimum, you have to buy it personally and try to sell it later.
  • Many products to learn. New products mean new samples to buy. Discontinued products mean money wasted on inventory you can no longer sell.
  • You order products (and pay up front), collect payment, package products, deliver them, and handle all returns.
  • Your Sales Commission is the difference between the retail price your customers pay and the wholesale price you buy products for. If you have a customer who doesn’t pay or you make an error in your calculations, there may be no way to recover the commission you’re due.

Probably the best thing about being part of a successful relationship marketing company like EMG is that anyone can achieve high levels of success.

You need no special degrees, education, or skills when you are starting out. All the skills you need to be a successful relationship marketer can be learned quickly and easily as you learn about the business.

But the number one thing you need for success in this business is something you already have… attitude! Having a positive attitude will help you build momentum, grow your business, and achieve your goals.

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