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Credit Education

As they say, knowledge is power!  Education is essential on your journey to financial success.  National Credit Educational Services is dedicated to providing the materials necessary to start you on your journey of recovery. 

NCES will provide the most comprehensive information about credit education in today's market.

We focus on:

  1. Rebuilding/restructuring credit reporting by enhancing and guiding the behavior which the three major credit reporting agencies look for in order to redefine credit scores.
  2. Ensuring our clients understand the laws which protect them from unlawful debt practices.
  3. Providing effective resources and tools that may be used to protect our clients in the event of hardship.
  4. Educating our clients about the do's and dont's of purchasing a home and obtaining a mortgage.
  5. Navigating our clients toward making sound decisions that will ensure financial success and steering them away from creating negative equity financial situations that may tarnish their credit.
  6. Providing our clients with tips and shortcuts that will continue to reduce debt and increase credit scores through an understanding of how daily interest rates can affect principle and balance payoffs.
  7. Supplying our clients with knowledge and creating affordability to create financially sound budgets using formulas and worksheets that will enable them to start a business, a family and plan for retirement.
  8. Educating clients who may be contemplating Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy about the pros and cons of both options and how the process works to benefit the client's individual situation.

We are committed to presenting the most premier financial education information available to our clients with no exceptions.  We seek daily, new financial benefits that will help our clients to escalate to their highest financial abilities.  Our continued credit educational services are aimed at providing clients with the tools they need to overcome any negative financial situations relating to the IRS, foreclosure, credit card charge offs and education loans, just to name a few.