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George will attempt to downplay it, but his commitment and genuine caring is something that cannot be quantified in dollars. I spoke with someone about the price of the services provided and I explained to them that you get so much more than that. You have people in your corner who recognize that there are a number of talented, motivated people who simply have not been provided with the information needed to battle the credit agencies. There are so many so called “credit counselors” that do not have your best interest at heart. Because of this, many who have been in this situation have become so apprehensive, and you find it hard to believe that good things can happen and that they will be sustained. The staff, and George in particular spend time providing the information, motivation encouragement, and the passion that he displays is evident when you speak with him. I can honestly say that Mr. Cole GENUINELY WANTS TO SEE PEOPLE SUCCEED AND LIVE THE BEST LIFE POSSIBLE.  I have been overwhelmed by the progress that has been made.  I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that I am able to qualify for a home in areas/locations that I thought were either unattainable for that I would have to wait until old age!

I have been so impressed with the level and service of dedication that I myself, have decided to become an agent. You do not understand how deeply negative financial situations can affect you until you begin to come out of them.  Seeing the look of relief on the faces of my fellow colleagues once they have spoken to George, is absolutely priceless.  I see this service as a way to save lives of people who may feel that they have nowhere else to turn, and are embarrassed by their current situation. Many people are succumbing to the pressure of this economy by physically harming themselves, family members, and others. I am on a mission to help as many as I can. By not having to worry every waking hour or beating myself up for past transgressions, I am able to fully focus on helping those that I have been called to help by lending my talents and energies to designing programs that allow people to become self-sufficient, productive members of society who will understand the importance of helping others and giving back. 



NCES has been a wonderful investment. Due to an ugly divorce, up until a few months ago, I had very poor credit.  Though I had the income to support major purchases, I was unable to convince lenders that I was worth the risk.  My only option to qualify for a loan was to pay interest rates so high that it was not even worth obtaining the loan.

Now, with the help of NCES, my credit score has increased up to 150 points.  I have been pre-approved to purchase my new home!  If it wouldn't have been for George Cole and the terrific work he did in repairing my credit, I am convinced I would not have gotten the loan. If I had to do this process again, I would do it in a heartbeat without even thinking about it. Thank you NCES... for getting my life back on track…you do GREAT work!!!!

Venita L.

Regarding Credit Repair Services by Mr. George Cole

I filed bankruptcy in 2005 and had been functioning with a low credit score since that time, which was limiting my credit approval with small and large purchases. After selling the home I was residing in and preparing to purchase another, I had experienced difficulty in obtaining loan approval. I was recommended to seek the services of Mr. George Cole to assist me in credit repair in order that I would be able to qualify for a mortgage loan. In the approximate time span of four to six months, my credit score was much improved after the diligent and professional services of Mr. Cole. I applied and was approved for a mortgage loan. I am now in the process of building my dream home because of his professional services.

I would recommend Mr. Cole to anyone with a desire to improve their credit rating. Not only was his demeanor professional and his process expertise, he kept in constant communication with me so that I was informed during the entire process.

Janice P.

I am writing this letter as a testimony to the excellent results of the credit repair done by Mr. George Cole. I am a thirty-six year old mother of two. For the past four years I have been working to restore my credit, paying off collections, paying on collections and writing to the credit bureaus. After doing all of that my credit score only rose by six points.

In an attempt to buy a new home for my family the score that I had, would not get the job done. I had never met George Cole and was introduced via the phone and only knew of him from my mortgage representative, but I had to trust him.

I had done everything I could and was at the end of my ropes. I hired George to begin working on my credit repair in the month of September and by October my score had risen 100 points and by the grace of God and the expertise of George I was able to purchase a brand new home November 24, 2009. I am blessed and thankful! God places different people in your life for different reasons and I'm so glad George Cole was placed in mine.

Anita B.

Hello NCES,

I would say thank you to National Credit Educational Services (NCES) and offer my appreciation directly to George Cole. There were errors on my reports that I was having a very difficult trying to get the credit bureaus to remove. He played an instrumental role in eliminating several erroneous errors on my credit report at all credit agency. Before I solicited NCES assistance, I had a high interest car loan, which has since been reduced to 3.99 percent. This will save several thousand dollars over the life of the loan. Also, I am now receiving unsolicited low interest credit card offers from major credit card companies.

Throughout the entire process NCES contacted me on a weekly basis ensuring me of their goal to see my credit errors are resolved. This resulted in a significant increase in my credit score. I was impressed with George's professionalism and the manor in which he handles my situation. In today's business landscape it is refreshing to work with people like George. He takes his job seriously and executes with the highest resolve. The bottom line, NCES has given me a new life. As you know in today's market, credit is paramount. Many thanks to your entire team for their great efforts in restoring my credit. Please take the time to pass along my appreciation to all of the members of NCES for a job well done. I would not hesitate to send a potential client to your company for your credit and mortgage services.

James C.

George Cole repaired my credit and in thirty days I had great results. I was referred by a friend that was also pleased with his work. My credit scores increased by nearly 100 pts and with his credit counseling I am equipped to keep my scores up. Thanks again!!!!!

Ashley C.